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A peaceful and serene little town located in the lush green mountains of North Carolina. Crystal Springs is the ideal location for any nature lover featuring some of the most beautiful plant life in the country...

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As well as some of the cutest little forest critters you ever did see...

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Take in the friendly leisurely atmosphere in the Evergreen Square business district, With shopping and entertainment for all tastes twenty four hours a day. There's something for everyone here, even you night owls!

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Crystal Springs is an ideal spot to raise a family, With plenty of lovely homes in friendly neighborhoods...

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As well as one of the state's best school programs. A recommendation or scholarship from our Elmwood High all but guarontees your teens entry into the collage of their choice! Go Cougars!

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So settle down in Crystal Springs today! You won't regret it!

The pitch to potential residence in this isolated mountain town seemed like a diamond in the ruff! And to a handfull of kindred who happened acrossed the sparse adverts cluttering the classifieds of newspapers or the filler in some magazines where and when the modest locale could afford to place them. Mainly for the promise of a secluded area to find haven where the kine are pacified by this cenic and leasurly lifestyle.
Those who were already accustomed to the nights of Crystal Springs know it is no stranger to the usual tensions of kindred living. The town boasted a healthy number of hunters who made living in the night difficult as well as a pocket of forest dwelling sabbat that further exaserbated matters for the local court, but all in all things were more peaceful than one might expect. The various opposing factions more often than not were reluctant to cross the various lines drawn in the sand by one another and as a result conflict was an uncommon occurance and outright war was unheard of.

Yes, for both new blood and old and regardless of sect clan or coterie Crystal Springs was surly a varitable paradise for kindred. That is, untill the incident which would shake this quiet little mountain town to it's very core occurred.

No one really knows when or why things started to go wrong but at the back end of winter in January of 1985 a sabbat Templar and his childr came fleeing into the city. They immediately presented themselves to the Prince begging his hospitality and bringing with them wild tales of monsterous and terrible things within the woods mountains that were their domains.

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Needless to say the Prince was intrigued by this apparent heel turn in the zealous swords of Caine and though fully expecting some kind of coup opted to hear them out, if for no other reason than his own amusement. The Templar, who called himself Scum told prince Julian that his entire pack had been massacred by a seemingly indistructable creature. A reptillian thing that came down from the mountains peeks whom was unphased by even their most powerful elders best efforts to destroy it.

Scum claimed fervantly that if this creature was allowed to decend onto the town it would be the end of them all. The Prince took scums word with more than a single grain of salt and, upon taking the Nosferatu Antitribute prisoner sent his scouts to patrole the woods where Scum claimed to have last seen this supposedly indestructible creature. Needless to say he prince was shocked when his scout returned with confirmation that the Templars story was indeed true and what followed was a long and bloody battle between the kindred of Crystal Springs and the abomination which decended from the mountains.

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The battle was long fought and claimed the lives of three quarters of the kindred who took part but eventually they managed to fell the beast. Upon returning to elesyum to lick their wounds and attempt to make sense of what this monster was and where exactly it came from the Prince now had the unfortunate task of piecing back together his broken court. Shattered as it was by this monster he took on the now packless sabbat Nosferatu as his scourges, binding them to himself and his advisor with the intent of making them the disposable front line foce should something like that reptillian horror ever show up again.

Over the next year the kindred of Crystal Springs would be plagued by unwelcome changes. With the local court a shadow of it's formor self a few indipendants appears out of the woodwork. Some, opportunistic vultures seeking to pick the carcass that is prince Julian's fallen tower and others seeking to earn the powerful blue bloods favor by helping him build it back up again.

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Strange men in Black became commonplace, pokeing their noses in places no normal human should and proving to be unusually resistant to the means kindred typically use to cow curious mortals. Soldiers as well became much more commonplace in the town proper. While there was a military base located in the mountains it was rare up untill now to see camoflage fatigues and gas guzzling Humvees umong the local civillians. Not only this but the military has also recently set up checkpoints along the highway that exists atps the one route in and out of Crystal Springs.

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And thus we come to the present. It is spring in the year 1986, school for the young mortals is out and the virile blood walking the streets at later times of night is a welcome distraction for the kindred of this small mountain town. With court in a precarious situation and everything running in a most unorthodox manner not to mention the strange occurances that now seem to be the norm here there is never an unwelcome distraction from the troubles at hand except for yet more troubles to come.

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