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Experience is awarded and may only be spent at the end of each night. Traits must be utilized at some time during the night to be increased with experience at the end of the night. At storytellers discretion traits may be capped at higher levels until the character acomplishes a great feat with the trait in question such as rolling an exceptional sucess.

XP Costs
:red: Attributes = Current Rating × 5

:red: New Ability = 3

:red: Abilities = Current Rating × 2

:red: New Out Of Clan Discipline = 10

:red: New In Clan Discipline = 7

:red: Out Of Clan Discipline = Current Rating × 7

:red: In Clan Discipline = Current Rating × 5

:red: New Out Of Clan Secondary Path (Blood Magic) = 7

:red: Out Of Clan Secondary Path (Blood Magic) = Current Rating × 5

:red: New In Clan Secondary Path (Blood Magic) = 5

:red: In Clan Secondary Path (Blood Magic) = Current Rating × 3

:red: Virtues = Current Rating × 2

:red: Willpower = Current Rating × 1

Experience may be earned in the following ways.

:green: Guts ×1-3
          Showing courage in the face of adversity, enduring deadly situations or overcoming a tough enemy or enemies.

:green: Cunning ×1-3
          Cleverness and guile, solving particularly vexing mysteries, manipulating other's to accomplish your own ends or coming up with an enlightened plan that helps you overcome a precarious situation.

:green: Heroism ×1-3
          Altruistic actions and selfless deeds. Being "the good guy" throughout the night even and especially if it proves detrimental to one's self.

:green: Villainy ×1-3
          Reprehensible and atrocious actions. Be a monster throughout the night and manage to survive. The more vile and risky your deeds become the more xp you get.

:green: Neutrality ×1-3
          Putting pragmatism before morals and maintaining impartiality. You do not take sides unless it benefits you and throughout the night you do no great good or evil to anyone without a really good reason.

:green: Impressing ST ?
         A number of extra experience points may be awarded for impressive role playing and clever gaming should players go beyond expectations.

No XP will be awarded for the night
If a player is not consistently active throughout the night (failing to play out scenes, stalling combat or just not participating to the detriment of the story or other players for example)
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